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Top definition Richard Pryor unknown b. December 1, 1940 - d. December 10, 2005. One of the greatest comedians to ever roam the planet earth. He will forever be immortalized in the annals of time, and we will all miss him. R. I. P Richard Pryor, and thanks for the laughs. #richard pryor #commedian #funny man #god #greatest commedian ever by DonAndino December 10, 2005 219 22 Get a Richard Pryor mug for your Uncle Günter. 2 richard pryor name Rest In Peace Richard. December 10, 2005. Richard Pryor was one of the greatest comedians ever! pryor #prior #richard #comedy #black by DeepakG December 12, 2005 160 27 Get a richard pryor mug for your father James. 3 Richard Pryor name 1 December 1940 - 10 December 2005 A brilliant comedian and actor who will be missed. Richard Pryor's gone, but his spirit's living on and on. pryor #pryor's place #gene wilder #stir crazy #comedian by Dope Slanger October 18, 2006 85 16 Get a Richard Pryor mug for your dog Rihanna. 4 richard pryor unknown The funniest man to ever stand do standup commedy. period! Rich your truly the best hope they find a cure for you peace i know "you aint dead yet" by kow_heman June 22, 2005 361 130 Get a richard pryor mug for your cousin Jovana. 5 Richard Pryor name 1940-2005 One of the greatest comedians to have ever lived... you could consider him the 'black' George Carlin who was also a brilliant comedian George Carlin and Richard Pryor are two of the best comedians on the planet #george carlin #comedy #7 dirty words #brilliant #hilarious by 1940200519372008 March 06, 2010 47 15 Get a Richard Pryor mug for your father-in-law José. Trending RN - February 10, 2020   1.   School Swat   2.   patter   3.   pooted   4.   Robert Conrad   5.   Coattails   6.   Good Yard   7.   DDMF   8.   PNO   9.   gobsmack 10.   alamo 11.   Kindergender 12.   Abusite 13.   pod person 14.   Sunday Scaries 15.   Remember the Alamo 16.   Solider 17.   Muff 18.   Reading 19.   Herpdert 20.   Tony Lopez 21.   madder 22.   Spaffing 23.   kefe 24.   GTHC 25.   DTSP 26.   Alligator arms 27.   dogface 28.   Ride coattails 29.   coola boola 30.   T2P.
Richard Pryor: Live in concert.
Richard Pryor: Live in concert à paris.
Richard Pryor Quotes (Author of Pryor Convictions) Richard Pryor quotes Showing 1-13 of 13 “The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is because vampires are allergic to bullshit. ” ― Richard Pryor “You can't talk about fucking in America, people say you're dirty. But if you talk about killing somebody, that's cool. ” “I believe the ability to think is blessed. If you can think about a situation, you can deal with it. The big struggle is to keep your head clear enough to think. ” “I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, I wanna grow up and be a critic. ” “The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is that vampires are allergic to bull shit. ” “Do you know how you felt when you would lean all the way back in a chair, and just before you were about to tip over, at the very last second, you'd catch yourself? That's how I feel all the time. ” “Who you gonna believe, bitch? Me? or your lying eyes? ” “Crosses only scare vampires away because they're allergic to bullshit. ” “*kiss*” “I see people as the nucleus of a great idea that hasn't come to be yet. ” “Someone called all the newspapers in New York and told them I'd died. I've been told by almost everyone it was an ex-wife - I've had a few so it's hard to pinpoint which one - but who knows for sure? ” Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Richard Pryor: Live in concert photos. I have not watched any Richard Pryor clips, movies or specials in a very long time. And this was for a reason, a personal reason, I thought that it would make me sad. Tonight I watched the "Wanted, Live in Concert (1979) for the first time since it was in theaters on Netflix. And I was correct. I have very fond memories of my Father and I watching Pryor and laughing together. What has always pulled Pryor's comedy in for me, and I suspect most of his fans, was not just his brutal honesty but his vulnerability. You can tell that his comedy comes from what otherwise would be a very dark place if not for his interpretation of these events. So from it springs this eternal optimism that can not be ignored. What would send others into a deep depression Pryor finds the humor and puts it back into the world positively charged. I think that's what makes Pryor what he was, a shining light of optimism, turning dark into light.
Thank you, Richard, thank you for the laughs, and the light.

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Probably the funniest Stand up Routines ever! He withstands the test of time like no other. The material is just as funny today, as it was 30 years ago. Also, especially those who have not seen it, notice how many routines of the 80's, 90's and even 2000's to today almost follow the exact script as this benchmark in comedy excellence. I am 27 years old, and I've seen this movie countless amount of times. But last year, my 54 yr old father and I watched this movie together. He had not seen it in many, many years, but a 54 yr old and a 26 yr old were in tears laughing. It's not even too vulgar, so I would recommend anyone to see this movie.

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Richard Pryor: Live in concert video. Richard Pryor: Live in concerts. As others have said, this is the best stand-up performance ever recorded. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it's not. Pryor is a comedic genius, and you can see his influence in every comedian since. He sets the standard. His facial expressions, acting abilities, delivery, etc., are all top-notch, and he can make even mundane topics such as walking through the woods pee-your-pants hilarious (in fact, he spends a long time talking about the woods, which is a bit puzzling, but hey, it's funny. He also covers completely unrelated topics such as dogs, drugs, family life, boxing, and sex. all the while being hysterically funny. The guy is amazing, and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys stand-up comedy.

Richard pryor: live in concert movie. Richard Pryor: Live in concerts hors. Edit Showing all 10 items Release Dates Also Known As (AKA) original title) Richard Pryor: Live in Concert Denmark Richard Pryor Live in Concert Denmark (new title) Richard Pryor: komiker for fuld udblæsning Soviet Union (Russian title) : UK USA (alternative title) Another Pryor USA (reissue title) Richard Pryor Is Back Live in Concert World-wide (English title) alternative spelling) Richard Pryor Live in Concert.

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Richard Pryor when comedy was about pushing the envelope and saying something. Pryor along with Carlin are the peak of the stand up mountain. This movie reveals Pryor at his knife edge best.

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Richard Pryor: Live in Concert
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